Product Support

Frequently asked questions

Are the plants real?

Yes! Each Taiga comes with 34 real tropical plants.

Does it need light?

With Taiga’s included Halo light, the plants will receive all the light they need. No natural light is required.

Does it need plumbing?

No. Each Taiga has a built-in water tank. Just top it off and Taiga waters itself.

Does it need power?

Yes. Taiga needs to be plugged into any standard power outlet. The outlet can be hidden behind the Taiga, just like a TV.

Why the WiFi connection?

Taiga needs connectivity to be smart and adapt settings to your environment, plus routine software updates. Connected Taiga can also send you low water alerts and indoor air quality reports. If WiFi is a problem, we offer a cellular solution, just ask!

Is it difficult to maintain?

Nope! Taking care of Taiga is really easy. We recommend topping off the water tank weekly for optimal plant health.

Where can Taiga go?

Taiga can be installed in most indoor environments where temperature ranges between 60-80° F.

Does Taiga have a warranty?

Yes, Taiga comes with a one-year hardware warranty that begins upon installation day. There’s more detail in our terms and conditions. The plants also come with a three-month warranty that begins upon installation day.