Hello, TAIGA

Our 4th generation smart living wall.
Designed to thrive everywhere. No greenthumb required.

Hardware and Greenware

TAIGA is a fully-assembled 2’ wide, 5.5’ (or 7.25') tall, 4” deep autonomous hydroponic panel.

Plants are included and designed to eliminate allergens and pests.

Seamlessly tile multiple panels for a big impact!

Fully Autonomous

TAIGA takes the hassle and guesswork out of plant ownership.

Numerous environmental sensors and redundant pumps guarantee optimal watering.

Just plug it in, add water, and enjoy!

Right for any space

Whether studs, drywall, or masonry, TAIGA is compatible with any wall.

With OASIS, Taiga can now go off-the-wall as well.

No plumbing needed. All you need is a power outlet.

Caring for Taiga

Best-in-class efficiency means adding water only once or twice per month.

Our hydroponic plants cannot be overwatered.

Make it your own- feel free to trim and move plants as you wish!


TAIGA is wifi-enabled to send sensor data and stay up to date with software and settings.

Low-water notifications ensure you never run out of water.

Spatial health information processed and shared as a weekly digest.

Breathe Easy

TAIGA's active biofiltration draws in air and leverages natural mechanisms to break down pollutants.

Our probiotics rewild spaces to boost beneficial biodiversity.

BIOME’s multitude of plants help mitigate CO² to keep you at the top of your game.


Plants pod ship mature. Enjoy them from day one!

Our soil-free hydroponic plant pods eliminate pests and enable simple swaps.

Our signature selections avoid allergens and are engineered to thrive with TAIGA.


HALO is our magnetic wireless light for low light conditions.

SENSE is our integrated air sensor module capable of monitoring temperature, pressure, humidity, PM(1.0, 2.5, 10.0), VOCs, and more

Frequently asked questions

Are the plants real?

You bet! Each Taiga unit comes with 34 plants and customers can choose between the options of evergreen plants or tropical plants. The plants require no soil, so you never have to worry about pests or messes.

Where can I install Taiga?

Taiga units can be installed just about anywhere indoors without any need for special construction or plumbing. Due to the halo light bars on the units, you can even install Taiga in dark spaces. Taiga just needs access to a power outlet and to be in a place you can easily reach to add water when needed.

Is Taiga difficult to maintain? Can anyone do it?

Many people have been scorned by living plant walls in the past. We designed Taiga to be a smart ecosystem that anyone can maintain. Taiga collects real-time environmental data and notifies you when water needs to be added. No other ongoing maintenance is required!